We, at FAST I.T. CYPRUS a young and dynamic company aim to become the preferred partner of your IT support. We are focused at our customers’ needs trying to give them an honest, fast and continuous consulting and services at a fair competitive pricing.

We shall achieve this by:
• Helping companies  & home users with the best quality of services and advise them how to become more efficient and effective on their everyday business practices
• Giving an insight of process optimization and assist them in developing their competitive edge
• Exhibiting a process of fair business practices and continuous learning in all our employees to ensure only the best services are offered to everyone – once and every time.

FAST I.T. Cyprus would like to differentiate from the generic IT companies by:
• Custom made support  according to the needs of each company with cost cutting solutions
• FAST, reliable, consistent and an Information Technology partner that you can depend on for all IT related issues and questions.
• Optimize your processes and everyday operations with remote support that saves you time and money
• Having more than 10 years of experience, knowledge and professional client approach and involved in projects in The Netherlands.
• Therefore let us get the headaches away from you by solving your IT related issues and lower your costs.